A Review Of The Room Three

You feel trapped; there’s only the hopeless agony whichever way you look. Yet suddenly, you notice a door looming ominously in front of you. After a flicker of hesitation, you reach for the doorknob, open, and enter a vast room that only seems to prolong the pervading agony. Yet, strangely, the new room seems to hide a few secrets!

This is the atmosphere that dominates the Fireproof Games’ new first-person horror puzzler; this, and the immense satisfaction from a puzzle just solved! As the newest addition to the well-known series, The Room Three succeeds in picking up where its predecessors left off.

Where Am I? What Am I to Do?

Graphics-wise, the game is set in a beautifully fashioned world that all The Room series fans will instantly recognize. As for the plot, it weaves around the mysterious figure named the Craftsman who, having constructed the elaborate system of puzzles, wants you to prove worthy by solving them all – a task by no means easy. Make sure to sharpen your brain before entering this game of wits!

the room three

Prepare to Be Puzzled

Amid all the beauty, amid all the spookiness and mystery (this one above all) lies the juicy part of the game – the puzzles!

The Room Three features a large set of intricate puzzles that will set quite a few of your brain cells on alert! The game will have you zoom in and out, slide open latches, turn screws, open boxes, and delve into drawers in hope to find anything that’ll help your progress.

The puzzle-work in this game seems to go a level beyond, as, unless you avidly followed the story early on, most of the time you won’t exactly know what’s going on story-wise. This can be a good thing though, as it often props up the sense of mystery in the game.

Final Words

If any criticism is to be mentioned about the game, it would be that it’s short. Depending on your puzzle-solving prowess, it’ll take you about 3-4 hours to complete it. But this mustn’t stop you from checking the game out. Gather your wits and explore the roomy world!

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8 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    I am SO excited about this game!
    I downloaded/bought the first two versions of the game and all I wanted was for the game to keep going. It was most definitely challenging and kept you guessing and the graphics were incredible.
    The best part is my 5-year-old son who always wants to take over my games, couldn’t figure this one out so I was able to keep it and solve it all on my own. Which when you are a mother, and don’t have to share something….is a big deal.

  2. PhoneHome says:

    This certainly sounds like an interesting game. From my point of view, puzzle solving is very satisfying and for me it’s actually good to know you’re not going to be trapped in the game forever. Having a strong and compelling story gives depth and extra engagement to games, whether puzzle based or not. Thanks for the review, it’s going on my Christmas list!

  3. Elfprincess says:

    I’ve never heard about this game series – from your review it seems really interesting! Gonna download it now.
    I really like the screenshots – the art direction is truly solid for a phone game. It’s a shame that it ends so quickly, but good thing is that I have the earlier parts of series to finish first.
    I would like to point out that you did awesome job on the first paragraph – you nailed the creepyness!

  4. Jasmine2015 says:

    I have never heard of this until reading it hear. This sounds like an interesting concept. I love puzzle type of games. If you like any of the Zelda games you know that there are lots of puzzles to solve. I’m glad to see there is still a nice large crowd for puzzle solving games because they really work your brain.

  5. Blo0dAmit says:

    Sounds like an interesting game. I live puzzle games and mystery/horror. Combining the two will make me play almost every game. Hopefully the game will answer my expectations.
    P.S. That first paragraph was on point. Great job!

  6. Tsuzuko says:

    Sounds like a really cool game. I’ve always been a fan of horror games, and ‘trapped in a room’ games are some of my favorites. Sure, they can get frustrating, and they especially get infuriating with those cheap sudden unavoidable deaths sometimes, but this sounds like a really good one. I should check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. drdsol92 says:

    I’ve been aware of the Room series for some time, and always been meaning to try it out, though the seeming lack of replayability puzzle games of this variety offer just doesn’t seem to be worth its price, at least to me, being on a budget and all. Not to mention how short it is, which, as you’ve mentioned, can take 3 to 4 hours, though it does depend on how quick one can solve every puzzle thrown at you. It would be nice to have a couple of bucks lying around to burn on this though 😀

  8. mechaman says:

    Sounds great, finally a game that isn’t focused on growing plants and selling me stuff in game. Plus a spooky puzzle game too, awesome!! I am totally off to download this right away even if it is only a few hours of entertainment.

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