Apple’s New Pride: The iPhone 6s Review

There is no wonder why Apple fanatics have been continuously bloating up in number over the past few years since it started releasing its tech-geek smart-phones. If the previous versions were savoured as appetizers for millions of people all over the globe, well today, Apple have made tech savvy peeps crave for even more of its products. Recently, the infamous company has yet again marked another milestone its most-awaited iPhone 6s model for its smart-phone series.

As the market now waits for less than three days prior to its official release, first round of iPhone 6s reviews have been proliferating the internet to guide consumers of what they have to expect from the product.

The Change of Everything

Apple has intrigued consumers by their recent release’s tagline for iPhone “the only thing that’s changed is everything.” Although at a first glance, the recent release looks a lot more similar to last year’s model, loads of fascinating changes under its hood has even made this version a lot more attractive as well as desirable for many.

Slight differences on its design were highlighted by its slightly thicker frame and a bit more heft. There is also the “S” logo at the back of the phone, which was not included on the previous release. Another amazing upgrade on this design as well is the brand’s use of 7000 series aluminium, which was claimed by the company as the strongest material they have used so far for their products.

What is the “Everything?”

Of course, since Apple claimed as much that their latest product is the cream of the crop so far, potential users would most likely be giddy about getting deeper onto its details.

So to talk about the “everything,” Apple boasts the new model’s single press 3D touch that allows one to do more than ever before. This next generation also has the 3D multi-touch feature will give you real-time feedback through subtle taps brought to you by the all-new Taptic Engine.

Moreover, included in outstanding iPhone 6s review selections is its magnificent upgrade to 12MP pictures as well as 4K videos. Surely, every user could vouch how incredible Apple’s quality when it comes to their smart-phone cameras, but with the iPhone 6s, this has even made better through its 12MP iSight sharp camera that captures just about anything you could ever think of.

The phone also possesses the 4K video, which is four times the resolution of that of 1008HD videos. And to satisfy selfies cravings of its users, the well-respected manufacturer of this infamous smart-phone has scaled up its front camera to 5MP.

Under-the-Hood Technology

Powered by the custom-designed 64bit A9 chip, one can only expect outstanding performance with 70% faster CPU and a snappy 90% GPU performance. Experience the change on everything with the new iPhone 6S prowess!.

With such technology, staggering advanced security, faster Wi-Fi as well as LTE connection and powerful iOS9 are right at your fingertips.

This new flagship from Apple is expected to make a dent in the highly competitive market.

Check out for more iPhone 6s review and get to know more about this tech-beast release for smart-phone series.

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6 Responses

  1. Jasmine2015 says:

    I see it on TV all the time people camping around the stores just to get their hands on an iPhone. I have know doubts that the 6s is a powerful smartphone. I’m not into taking a lot of “selfies” but for those who are, the camera upgrades will be sweet. I have always wondered when Apple is going to run out of ideas for their iPhones but it looks like they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. I’d love to see what the touch screen on the 6s would look like as you’re going through apps.

  2. Raye says:

    I truly believe that the iPhone 6s is a great phone because it do a lot of things that other phones can’t do and I feel like people talk about it a lot in a bad way but they are actually wrong because the iPhone 6s is a great phone

  3. Ryan says:

    I didn’t think the iPhone 6S would be a big change from the 6, but boy was I wrong. I watched the keynote and the explanations behind all the improvements. I think the biggest thing for everyone is probably 3D touch. I’ve read so many users’ comments that it completely changes the way you operate your iPhone, assuming apps are updated to support it. I have not personally had a chance to try it out, but now that I’m writing this I think I’m going to go try it at a store tomorrow.

    I’ve got an iPhone 6, but I’m drooling at the thought of all the new enhancements under the hood. I’m especially thrilled about the new camera! I know the video resolution can do 4K, but I am hoping the video quality itself has improved.

    I’ll probably wait until the iPhone 7 comes out and then try to buy a used iPhone6S for a good price.

  4. Esther says:

    I had the 6s preordered and when it finally came in the mail I was so excited! I have to say that the camera upgrade is so much better from the 6. I used to be a hardcore Android fan just because of the huge camera differences but now Apple is finally starting to catch up. 3D touch is useful in everyday life usage of my pgone but I probably do not use it as much as Apple would expect me to. The best thing that I love about the 6s is the live photos. I just love seeing the before and after moments of the things my dog does

  5. spence88 says:

    Thanks for the review. It’s done beautifully and covers all the important details that one needs to know. I really like reviews that support their claims with numbers. Numbers don’t lie, so I can’t definitely argue about that. I can’t believe that the A9 chip has that much processing power, improving the already powerful A7 chip by huge amounts. I mean, the A7 chip can handle everything I throw at it currently and still delivers killer performance, how much more with the A9 that has almost twice the processing capability! iPhone 6s is definitely a phone to own. (Not to mention the 4k resolution support, it’s unbelievable. Even my gaming laptop still can’t support 4k)

  6. Spoons says:

    As someone who has an iPhone 6, it really isn’t worth upgrading to the 6s when you already have a 6. A lot of these features really aren’t that big of a change, but to each their own. The improvements to the camera and the addition of 3D touch are quite nice, I’m hoping to see that in the next phone they release.

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