Best custom launchers for android phones and how to install them

Android technology is one of the most widespread technologies when it comes to the use of smart phones and tablets. This is mainly due to its familiarity, ease of use, convenience, responsiveness and also its affordability. On its own, the Android operating system may not be as easy to handle especially when dealing with larger amounts of data or applications but the good news is that Android phones and tablets are easily customizable by simply downloading the respective apps from the internet and installing them within the shortest time possible. Android launchers have in the recent past gained so much love among mobile technology users. Not only do they give the Android device a great looking user interface but they also help in the organization of data, apps and other phone functions. This article focuses on the best custom launchers for android phones and how to install them.

Nova Launcher/Nova Launcher Prime

Nova-Launcher-PrimeThe Nova Launcher has always been top of the list of the best custom launchers for Android devices. Its diverse customization potential complements its incredibly beautiful interface. This launcher comes in two versions; the free version and the Nova Launcher Prime Version that goes for only $3.99. It features multiple home screens that display animations as per the user’s needs. Its app drawer is fully customizable both in terms of size and positioning while its widgets are also responsive and fully supported. The best feature that comes with the Nova is its capability to accommodate multiple app docks on its home screen. For the Nova Launcher Prime version, you get additional privileges such as assigning gestures to actions such as launching an app, ability to hide apps from their drawer and uncountable scroll effects.
The greatest news is that anyone interested in using this launcher can visit the Google Play Store from their phone, search for the Nova Launcher and then choose between the free and the paid versions. From here, the launcher can easily be downloaded by clicking on the download button which allows automatic download and installation of the launcher on your Android device.

Apex Launcher/ Apex Launcher Pro

Apex-Launcher-Apex-Launcher-ProDo you need a launcher that is simple, both to the eyes and to the fingers? Well, Apex Launcher is your ideal choice. This launcher’s simple yet easy to use interface totally disguises the number of customizable options it offers its user. It allows addition of up to 9 home screens which allows the user to group apps as per their needs and preferences. It also has scrollable docks that have 7 icons and also labels that are easy to customize. Its small size and very responsive interface are some of the features that make it faster than any original electronic manufacturer (OEM) launchers. It also allows the user to choose from its numerous folder preview styles, fancy transition effects and different backgrounds for an even more thrilling interface. The Apex Launcher Pro that goes for only $3.99 comes with additional transition effects, drawer customizations, gesture controls, unread counters, drawer customizations and dock swipe actions.
This launcher can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store and its installation automatically begins once the download is complete.

Google Now Launcher

Google-Now-LauncherGoogle has been known to be the king of the internet as it owns the biggest search engine among other online platforms. Apparently, it also has a celebrated Android launcher that never misses a slot in the list of the best custom launchers for Android. Its classy design and ease of customizability are some of the features that make it the to-go launcher for any Android device. In fact, it is currently the default launcher for all devices running on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS or later operating systems.
Just like the trust Google has earned from its users, its launcher is a really safe choice for anyone who can’t risk losing data, apps or speed from their phone or tablet as the Google Now launcher is guaranteed safe and won’t mess with your device.
It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and installed automatically without even parting with a single buck.

GO Launcher EX5/ GO Launcher Prime 5

GO-Launcher-EX5-GO-Launcher-Prime-5The GO Launcher EX5 is among the most downloaded apps on Play Store. This is due to its superb customization options. It features a wide array of themes, 15 free widgets, and elegant transition effects and also supports custom icon packs. It is greatly simplified homepage and especially its Go Panel makes navigation a cinch, hence most popular among even the new Android users. The Go Launcher Prime 5 costs only $5.99 and comes with more than 10000 customized themes. The best advantage of investing in this paid version is that you will no longer need to keep cancelling any unnecessary ads and sponsored messages that may be a nuisance for most users. It also features add multi-touch gestures that allow you to operate your smart phone or tablet using simple gestures. This launcher prides itself of approximately 200 million users, thanks to its greatly interactive and responsive graphical user interface which offers a liquid smooth experience.
These two versions can be downloaded or bought from Google Play Store and the installation is also automatic.

APUS Launcher

APUS-LauncherThe APUS Launcher is apparently one of the lightest launchers in the Android world with its setup coming in a 1 MB package. Its icons create this amazing aura that can be fully customized to the user’s liking. It loads so fast and its setup is fast and trouble free. This is the most ideal launcher for smartphones with limited storage space. Its most notable feature is its ability to create small folders that automatically categorize apps according to their use and categories such that games will be placed in a separate folder from all social media apps. This surely makes navigation and access to apps a walk in the park. Its app radar also comes with interesting apps and its home screen turns on really fast. The APUS Launcher is absolutely free and can be downloaded from Google Play which follows an automatic installation to your Android device.

It is so amazing how a good launcher could really turn a simple Android phone into a functional and aesthetic wonder. The above reviewed launchers are not only about beauty and outlook. They are very light and are developed by the most trustworthy and experienced software designers from all over the world. The best thing about it is that they will not mess up your smartphone’s or tablet’s speed, apps or even worse, your data. This review is purely a product of user experiences, reviews and ratings of different launchers from across the globe; full proof of how much these launcher are convenient, reliable and lovable.

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8 Responses

  1. j.s says:

    Nova and CM launcher….are the best.
    certainly Nova is best from the above listed launchers.
    Also CM launcher is light and fast.

  2. Jasmine2015 says:

    I am in love with the launchers listed above. I have had my new phone for only a few months and never thought to change my launcher. I definitely could use more home pages because I’m running out of them.

  3. Vari says:

    I just can’t give up my iPhone, but I am ridiculously jealous of how deeply customizable Android phones are. I can always jailbreak my iPhone, but that always makes upgrading such a pain, not to mention it void the phone’s warranty. I wish I could get launchers these beautiful on my vanilla iPhone 4 🙁

  4. madbunnyXD says:

    I used Nova way back when I used a custom rom on my older Galaxy phones. But since they improved a lot on memory and performance, I use something called Themer from time to time. I just like being able to radically change my screen’s appearance in a very easy way.

  5. fuzyon says:

    Themer is also a nice suggestion, it’s nice to just pop in a random theme and go with it. I personally love Nova Launcher, and I tried most of the popular launchers on Google Play. There are a lot of plugins available, features are compact and well-designed and it’s all-around a great app. I paid for the full version is well, definitely worth the money.

  6. jviloriab96 says:

    I would definitely recommend NOVA Launcher. I used it for a long time and I can honestly say it’s the best launcher out there. It was nice-looking and really fluid. Never could find anything to complain about it. There are some prettier launchers around, but NOVA was definitely most balanced one.

  7. Leah says:

    This article is so informative, thank you for this! The way I see it, if you can’t get a new phone just yet, install a new launcher. It can give your device a whole new feel to it. I’ve personally used GO Launcher and although I haven’t tried the prime version (I used GO years ago), I thought it was flawless. I haven’t used one on my current phone but I think I’ll have to try some of these out and see which one is for me. You get that whole unique, personalized feel to your mobile that iPhone users would love to have.

  8. Leo Olsson says:

    Nova Launcher and Google now are my favourites! Google now just simplifies everything so much but the Nova launcher just has so much customisation some great recommendations here. Definitely need to look at some more of your posts anyways, nice blog !

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