Google Now just got smarter with “Now on tap”

Over the past few weeks, both the tech giants Google and Apple have had their conferences with developers. There were significant enhancements rolled out by both the companies and the biggest one was the advances made in proactive features. Google updated its ‘Google Now’ feature to ‘Google Now on Tap’ and Apple came up with a competitive feature known as Proactive Assistant. Both these features are sure to change the way users will navigate through the apps and web. Now let us focus on the Google Now on Tap and know about it in detail.

What is Google Now on Tap?

This is basically an update to Google Now but has significant advantages over it. As of now, the user gets alerts regarding flights, shipping updates and timings of the movie based on the numerous inputs Google gets from Gmail and your trends in the search. Now what this update does is that it makes these features available across all the screens and features over all the content. This is not as simple as it sounds and might prove to be a game changer for the smartphone users.

For example, imagine yourself playing a song on your device and you want to know who the one on the drums was. Now all you have to do is – tap the home button and type in “Who’s the drummer?” This is just enough for the smart search engine to figure out what you are looking for. It knows what song is being played and uses the details available to search the web and provides you the answer and all of this is done without leaving the music app. This holds same for text messages, getting directions to a specific restaurant, reviews of the product you just ordered etc. So, all-in-all this update makes it lot more easier for the users to get information without leaving the current application.

Also, Google has been facing a challenge to keep searches out of specific apps like Yelp that constantly interfere with the searches. By this, they are not only losing potential ad revenue linked with that search, but also the additional data that can be acquired through that search. And with the Google Now on Tap rolling out, these searches are now back in the bag.

What’s in it for the Users?

With this new feature, the user in now provided with the customized experience in the searches. The related data is acquired from their partnership with Twitter, Uber etc. This ultimately ensures that the user is provided with more relevant information in a much shorter time.

Google Now On Tap Demo at Google I/O 2015


First things first, I am excited by this update. After all the routine updates on the search engines, I could not expect any major changes to it. But this update proved me wrong and confirmed the fact that the Innovation in search will continue to grow and will be driven by the existing clues.

As of now, Google Now on tap looks promising in helping us get things done quicker and smarter

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4 Responses

  1. Jasmine2015 says:

    I love how Google and Apple are competing with each other. The new Google Now on Tap update sounds interesting. Hopefully there will not be too many bugs to fix. Or that the Tap works on all devices consistently.

  2. Fruitbun says:

    Once again I am impressed. Each year Google comes up with cool and inventive way to keep hold of its customers. Although Apple is doing quite a good job, I think Google will have the upper hand with this new up date. I know I will be investigating it!

  3. markov says:

    A very convenient application to do something so trivial without any hassle. Wonder if It will open the thesaurus if I input something like ” meaning of x word” in tap while reading an ebook.

  4. torreyy says:

    I for one was definitely happy to see this feature added. As someone who depends on my phone for so many things, making access to what I need, when I need it easier, definitely gets a standing ovation from me!

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