How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Number Private

An ever increasing number of telemarketing companies will bombard you with messages and calls that are simply put, unwanted. They do this on behalf of companies selling products or debt collectors hoping to make a quick sale. The telemarketing companies will disturb you on your cell phone sometimes disregarding existing regulations that limit the way in which they are allowed to contact you while selling things.

How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Number Private2

The good news though is that there are some self-help measures that you can take to keep your number private and the telemarketers at bay. Here are just about some of them.

Register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry.

The National Do Not Call Registry is just about one of the most effective ways to block telemarketers from pestering you with unwanted calls. Note however that it only covers personal numbers as businesses are not covered.

There are two ways in which one may register. One is by calling the toll free number. The other is using the online registration option. The online registration option allows one to register a maximum of three numbers at a single time. You may also confirm your registration status as well as file a complaint online. Once registered, telemarketers will have up to 31 days running from the date you registered to desist from calling you.

However, you may still find yourself receiving political, debt collection, charitable and telephone survey calls as only telemarketing calls are prohibited.

Be careful about online registrations.

When registering on websites avoid giving out your phone number when possible. Make sure that you do not share your contact information when it is not necessary to do so.

Install an app that will block numbers.

You can also ensure that you download and install an app on your phone that will enable you to block numbers from either calling or texting you. This is now very possible with the various types of smart phones available in the market. Also use an app that will identify spam phone calls.

Avoid having information available in telephone books.

This applies where you have a landline phone and are then listed in the phone book. Having your information readily available in the phone book enhances the likelihood of telemarketers obtaining and using it. It would therefore be advisable if you request your telephone company to avoid listing or publishing your information. This can be done for a monthly fee.

Following these steps may just help you in keeping those spam phone calls away.

Read and understand Terms of Use before accepting them.

This especially applies when downloading mobile apps. Most people may not have noticed but whenever you accept terms just as they are presented to you, you end up providing a lot of data. Indeed, it has been observed that a good number of mobile apps are only concerned with obtaining as much personal information as they can and then proceed to sell it.

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28 Responses

  1. Jasmine2015 says:

    You have touched upon a lot of things I never thought about. I have been receiving spam calls and now I make it a point to not answer numbers I don’t know. I used to have an app that blocked certain numbers. Now I’m thinking about putting it on my phone once I clear more space. I also didn’t know that I could be receiving spam calls because of app downloads. I remember having yellow books/pages delivered to my house in one of my old neighborhoods and I believe they are online now.

  2. tamburellod says:

    This is so useful! Thank you! I didn’t even know it was possible to protect myself from calls like this, but I guess it is! I’ll be trying these methods out today and hopefully the calls will stop.

  3. PhoneHome says:

    There’s certainly been a noticeable increase in the number of spam calls I’ve been receiving both on my mobile and my landline. I never answer calls from numbers I don’t recognise, but of course some of them hide their numbers and, regrettably, so do a number of my friends, so I can’t always tell. I have to say I’m even more careful with apps – many of them want access to a ridiculous amount of data and why on earth would a drawing app want access to make calls? It certainly pays to be vigilant.

  4. el-daniel says:

    I am most greatfull for this info I am tired of not knowing how to stop this spam calls I getting this app now thanks guys

  5. bmcleod19 says:

    Thank you for the information. I get way too many spam calls!

  6. Aruna Kumari Gongati says:

    The tips you have given are useful. My phone used to ring every 10 min because of spam calls. After using your tips they have been reduced to 1 or 2 a week.
    Thank you.
    Keep posting✅

  7. lachris15 says:

    This is great advice. I have used the registry before and it did lessen the amount of calls. I know that I will get some because of the sites that I sign up to and I just let it ring if I know the number is an telemarketer. If I end up answering it and I do not know it I block that number. Of course they will call from another number but it only takes a minuet to block them. I have not put my number that I have on the list but I could not remember what It was called. I am glad I read this article because now I know.

  8. Rodrigo Menezes says:

    Thanks man, this will be very useful. I was begining to being frustated because of this, and now because of this post it is all solved.
    Thanks for the advice, and I think I speak for everyone when I say the following: Keep posting. This is a great examplo of what public service should be.

  9. atlmom5 says:

    I use an app to block numbers from spammers too. When I had a landline, majority of the telemarketer calls came through on my landline, and my cell phone was only limited to a few people. Now that I my cell phone is the only phone I have, I’ve opened up the door for spammers/ telemarketers to call me more often, but I’m glad many of their numbers get blocked by the app.

  10. Zach Woodly says:

    Interesting article, I never knew there was a way you could stop unwanted calls. I always thought you had to deal with these annoying calls, every so often.

  11. Avikz says:

    Thanks for the great post..It’s really a pain to receive spam and marketing calls most of the times. Good info.

  12. Gigglingbuns says:

    I actually have a serious problem where everyday I get bombarded by at least 2 irrelevant calls. Somehow they have my number, and numerous times I never know if that phone call is important or not, because there have been times where the call was very important, and I ignored it. I am very cautious as I almost never answer strange phone numbers. I’ll try an app that blocks those irrelevant calls, thanks Serdar

  13. Cole says:

    This helps so much all the time I get calls from across the country not knowing who it is and it turns out to be a telemarketers. Company’s love to sell your number for money but keeping your number private is one of the best decision I’ve made as a businessman. When I get a call, I have to take every call completely serious not know the business I may need to conduct but after the fifth telemarketer it’s hard to stay calm and serious.

    • Gigglingbuns says:

      Can’t agree more it angers me how they sell my information without my consent or hide it in their terms where it is nearly impossible for the average person to know. And I never know whether a call will be from a telemarketer, they come randomly, so there are times where I unnecessarily pick up my phone.

  14. aquaticneko says:

    This is certainly a must try for me. I have been getting calls from several different survey numbers from my bank. I have called numerous times to no avail. I have done the registration at the do not call registry. Nothing works. They still call at strange hours. I have taken to memorizing the numbers they use and not answering. They still call 3 times in a row sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. i shall try and find an app to block these numbers. However, this is kind of a betrayal to me. This is my bank. The bank that deals with my finances. Are they allowed to do that?

  15. qag says:

    This is extremely useful to me. I get an absolutely absurd amount of unwanted phone calls at ridiculously early hours in the morning, and it’s been quite annoying. I’ve tried pretty much everything I could think of to stop them, but nothing has been successful. This article provides me with some new things to try that will hopefully quell the amount of spam calls that I get.

  16. Ansantana92 says:

    Great article.
    Already knew about it and it got me back pretty great prank memories . hahahaha

  17. eduguy says:

    I don’t personally receive many spam phone calls on my cell phone, but I know people commonly have to deal with it, and these tips are great to prevent it! The National Do Not Call registry is something I did not know about prior to reading this, and if I consistently get called by Telemarketers, I’ll definitely consider adding my number to it. Something to note is that on iOS at least, there is a built in number blocker so you won’t need to install a special app.

  18. Gabino says:

    The best way is not to give/provide your number to anyone

  19. Egbe Darlington says:

    Thanks, this is very useful. I sometimes get unwanted calls and they mostly come at times i don’t need any disturbance. Now i know what to do.

  20. Jonathan Jenkins says:

    The Telephone Preference Service, and other similar systems in different countries around the world, can be effective, but they don’t usually stop international calls. I believe the law is changing in the UK soon, so it will be easier to stop more calls.
    If you don’t recognise a number, then you could let the call go to the answerphone. Doing this regularly over a few weeks can cut the nuisance calls a lot – they don’t tend to leave messages, and seem to phone less often if you never pick up the phone for their calls!

  21. jahden says:

    This article is going to save me years worth of answering telemarketing calls. I am definitely checking out the do not call registry as soon as I’m done writing this comment. I love how these things exist. I did know about putting phone numbers into different profiles. I never put in my phone number but nowadays almost every website wants it to “verify” your a real person.

  22. Esquire25 says:

    The information provided is so helpful, I only wished that I knew about the cautionary steps and resources a year ago. However, I did take the initiative to sign up with the “Do Not Call” program with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I found several helpful links on FTC website that would assist consumers from receiving annoying marketing and/or spam calls. Also, I am making the necessary steps to have my telephone number(s) removed from the local telephone book. It amazes me how your privacy is really no longer private. I get annoying marketing calls all the time, which is why the information provided in each article is so helpful. I very seldom fill-out any type of registration unless there’s some verbiage that states that the company will protect my private information and not solicit and/or sale my telephone numbers.
    Lastly, I will be working diligently to remove my cell phone number as well as my home phone number from public access.


  23. arunava2016 says:

    hi there, it’s Arunava and I can tell you how to keep your cell no private. Besides opting for DND, never divulge your no to any unknown person and also make sure you opt for an unused mobile no when registering with your service provider even if you have to pay a little more for that. One more thing you must remember that you avoid answering unknown nos. as much as you can. That’s the secret guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. victoriaagyin says:

    I am so thankful for this because I get so many spam calls. It is truly annoying to receive around 10 calls a day that are solely spam calls. I always get a call where the caller tells me to buy this or buy that. So thank you master of the phone, I will be using this tip.

  25. Lamb0 says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve never thought about these things. I have used countless of apps before that claimed to make my number private, but none of them ever worked. I hope the suggestions here would!

  26. haffooo says:

    this is so useful for every sister who just brought a new phone getting spam calls n messages n it is so irritating to attend all these calls but thanks to this article im sending this link to my sister thank u 🙂

  27. Honeycomb913 says:

    OMG I am DEFINITELY going to do the Do Not Call Registry. I learned with my previous number that giving it out on online applications and forms really was inviting very unwanted buggers to my line. The other points I became aware of by trial and error but the terms and conditions is something I’ll try to utilize as well thank you

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