Reasons Why You Should Choose Blackberry Over iPhone and Android

Blackberry, once the most coveted brand of smartphone, has lost a significant amount of market share since the release of the first iPhone back in 2007, and has continued this decline as Android devices rose in popularity. However it would be well to consider that iPhone and Android devices are not for everybody, and that there are still many reasons that make Blackberry the best choice of smartphone for some people. Here’s a list of some of Blackberry’s most compelling advantages over Apple and Android.


The original benefit of Blackberry. Security has always been a top priority for Blackberry, as business professionals need to be able to count on their data being well protected. Blackberry is still more secure than Apple or Android devices, and because of this, many businesses continue to use Blackberry over other platforms.

Physical keyboard

For those who do a lot of writing on their phones, having a touchscreen keyboard can take longer to use than a keyboard that offers tactile response. Many Blackberry’s offer built in physical keyboards for those who prefer buttons to touch screens.

Different styles

When it comes to the iPhone, or the Samsung Galaxy, while there are different colours, and more expensive models for those who require more memory, or a bigger screen, all phones are more or less identical in style. If it’s the newest iPhone you’re after, you don’t really have any ability to get a phone in a style that suits your needs or personality. You’ve only got the one option, whereas with Blackberry, there are many different styles of phones, so that you can find one more specifically tailored to your needs.

Cheaper than apple and Samsung flagship phones

While it wouldn’t really be accurate to say that Blackberries are cheap, they definitely are usually a more cost effective option that a flagship Apple or Samsung device, as a new Blackberry typically costs between $100-$200 less than an iPhone or Galaxy.

Easy music synching

While iPhones are meant only to be synced with iTunes, and Android phones don’t usually sync particularly easily with anything, Blackberries are able to easily sync with any music management software, including iTunes.

Square screen

While the narrow screens found on apple and android devices can be great for gaming and watching movies, they can be difficult to use when you actually want to get things done. Having a square screen, as seen on the Blackberry Passport, can enhance productivity for those who do a lot of writing and editing of documents on their phones.

Blackberry Messenger

The original free phone messenger, BBM was so well loved that it was the original inspiration for apps such as WhatsApp and Viber. It is still revered by Blackberry users around the world, and can even do things that some similar apps can’t, such as screen sharing.

Supports Flash

While iPhone has never natively supported Flash, and Android dropped support for it back in August 2012, a Blackberry would definitely be the phone to go with for anyone looking to consume Flash content on the go.

Clearly, there are many reasons why one might be better suited to a Blackberry than to an Apple or Android phone.

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  1. Yourfine says:

    Great to find out about new phones

  2. Jasmine2015 says:

    I didn’t know that BlackBerry supports flash. It is good to hear that at least BlackBerry can be counted on when it comes to security. You would think that with the amount of money Apple makes every year they could afford to tighten up on security. This is really important since people are waiting to use their phones like a credit card and sensitive information like this can be hacked.

  3. michaelrydell says:

    Very informative. I’ve wondered what selling points the Blackberry had in the current market, and the ones listed in this article are pretty strong. I can see why it is a viable option for business professionals, or someone just wanting a physical keyboard, better security, etc.

    I wonder if Blackberry will ever get bought out or merge with another company?

  4. Diane Lane says:

    When I had my HTC Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2 (Windows phones), two features I really liked and used a lot were the slide out keyboard and the stylus. The phones had touch screens, which I use most of the time, but sometimes when typing lengthy emails or other documents, a real keyboard really helps. I’ve only seen a few Blackberries, and they do look nice, but the ones I’ve seen have really small keyboards, which might not work for me. I like the idea of extra security in this day and age of so much hacking, so this is something to consider.

  5. oraclemay says:

    I use Blackberry and I still use BIS which is the cheapest internet service around. I even tether it to my laptop and make use of the data that way. I love the keyboard and often write on my phone. I don’t think I will get rid of my blackberry, I especially like the older models as they work for me. I want to make up a collection of these phones. I can make a long list of things I use my phone for, it is really indispensable.

  6. lgmini93 says:

    I owned several blackberries before my android smartphone, and If I go on a hike or travel somewhere not so safe I like to keep my blackberry with me.
    I absolutely loved everything about it, maybe I should check out if they have half-smartphones.

    Also touchscreens are not my thing.

  7. Fermin420 says:

    I still have my Blackberry curve 8520, these things are super durable and even though the years has past i still find it relevant for my daily need. What I have found that made Blackberry phones pretty much disappear of the spotlight is the hype android and apple devices had and continue to perpetrate. The Blackberry passport might have been a great devices but its look wasnt appealing at all, lets see whats the new Blackberry priv all about.

  8. seupaulo says:

    Support flash? Really? Not even adobe is planing to support flash anymore. The only true reason to have BB would be being a physical keyboard enthusiast.

  9. purpletears says:

    Those are really good points to consider before buying a new phone! And it´s good to know that BlackBerry supports flash. Nowadays, that´s a very important feature for web navigation. And call me old fashioned if you want to, but I really like BlackBerry´s physical keyobard

  10. arunava2016 says:

    You seem to strike the right cord. The reasons you have listed, particularly the security, flash support, price and the keyboard related features are really some of the USPs of Blackberry. Blackberry has always been the go-to device for me until all the negative publicities started circulating. I will definitely consider going back with blackberry if they have sorted out other technical drawbacks.

  11. Spoons says:

    Although it sounds like this phone could be good for certain individuals (especially with the physical keyboard) there aren’t enough selling points here for me to go an buy one. The only thing that really catches my interest is the fact that it’s 100-200 dollars cheaper than the main phones being shown by Apple and Android phones. The better security is nice, but I think it really will only benefit people using it for business and whatnot. Overall, this phone seems to be too targeted at a specific individual, which is why it has lost a lot of relevance over the years.

  12. hyperactive says:

    I’ve never had nor really held a Blackberry device. I’ve seen them before and they remind me of the stereotypical businessman. I wouldn’t mind using a Blackberry device, especially with the security risks we have nowadays. However, I don’t think, in my opinion, that it could replace my Android phone.

  13. Lamb0 says:

    I agree with this! I believe that Blackberry’s Security is the best! I also like how it has a physical keyboard because I’m the type of person who always drop their phone causing problems with the touchscreen, and so, having a physical keyboard helps a lot. These are what I like about my Blackberry smartphone. But when it comes to apps, of course, it’s Android’s win for me. That’s why I also own one besides my Blackberry.

  14. jayakrishman says:

    Many peoples are opposing using blackberry phones becoz they don know how to use and and the securitty and brand value is better than apple blackberry is the best phone ever

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