Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Samsung galaxy S6 is the predecessor of the Samsung galaxy S4 and S5. The Samsung company is the manufacturer of this brand phone which has many fantastic features. The company has greatly improved its skills in phone making as there is very strict competition in the phone industry especially with the famous apple company. The Samsung company has done a very good job in eradicating the weak points of galaxy S5 and has brought the amazing galaxy S6 to the market. The Samsung galaxy S6 has an attractive design with a sleek aluminium border and a gorilla glass 4.Samsung galaxy S6 offers the following built in features:
The Samsung galaxy S6 boasts a five point one inch quad high definition screen. This is one of the very best super Amoled screen display available in the phone market. This display provides a sharp viewing experience even in the broad day light or at the night hours. The display has 577 pixels per inch thus providing a high screen resolution. It has excellent brightness and beautiful screen colours. The galaxy S6 provides a full of fun photo as well as video viewing experience. The Samsung galaxy S6 screen is very clear and can be viewed from any angle. The galaxy S6 display is one of the largest phone screens in the phone market.
This phone offers maximum security by the use of an improved finger print scanner. The Samsung galaxy S6 offers a great single slight touch scanner which has a very high accuracy level. This phone boasts the very best finger print scanner in the market. The finger print scanner does not require to slide as it uses the touch feature.
The phone has a revolutionary sleek design. The Samsung galaxy S6 body is built with high quality metal and glass which provide a classy feel of an expensive and advanced smart phone. This smart phone has the normal power button, volume button as well as the volume buttons. This Samsung design eradicates the plastic body of the Samsung galaxy S5. The S6 head phone jack, USB port as well as the speakers have been redesigned and placed at the bottom end. The phone has a thickness of six point eight millimetres.
The Samsung galaxy S6 has a smart manager phone application which helps one to have all the phone activities centralized in one place such as: phone security tracking, memory usage details and clean up as well as application usage information. This application greatly helps in managing the phone activities for smooth running of the various phone processes.
The Samsung galaxy S6 has a first charge mode .This amazing feature helps a person to use the phone for up to four hours after charging it for ten minutes only. The phone is also capable of wireless charging with the use of a charging pad.
The phone has a sixty four bit processor octa core processor which is very fast thus making it very efficient in carrying out the various tasks and processes. Samsung galaxy S6 has a sixteen-megapixel rear camera as well as a five-megapixel front camera. The phone also has a powerful phone disabling feature which helps in saving space. Samsung galaxy S6 also has various Microsoft applications such as one note used to take notes.
In conclusion Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the high end smart phones with the very best features available in the current android phone market. Make a purchase today for a chance to enjoy the great features offered with no future regret.

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3 Responses

  1. Jasmine2015 says:

    I really like the idea of being able to use my phone after only charging it for 10 minutes. My phone charges too slow for me to have 4 hours worth of use after only 10 minutes of charge. Does the phone have some type of memory of your fingerprint and would you be able to change which finger you use to unlock the phone? Overall I think I am impressed with the design of this phone. Samsung is taking what they know needs working on and are not too slow to make those changes.

  2. arunava2016 says:

    Everything is fine. But what about Samsung’s service. Samsun has all the features in the world but all the Samsung phones have the same problem of going dead after a while and they need to be taken to the service center every now and then. I am a sufferer myself. The service center always has long queues and you have to wait a long time and then they can never put it right the same day. So, going back and going back to their centers makes it really irritating. You take a survey and most of the users will agree with me.

  3. turnb43 says:

    Huge fan of the S6, there can be a lot said for the big phone companies just releasing the usual remastered new addition each year. Going from a S2 to a S6 I’ve really noticed a drastic increase in performance and overall ease of use, really have been impressed with the variety of features covered above, go Samsung!

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