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The advancement in technology comes with a lot of advantages that makes life a little more interesting and fun. Do you happen to be a person who sleep-talks in their dreams or would you love to hear what your partner talks about in their dreams? It sounds interesting. It is now possible to snoop and listen to what your partner says in their dreams with the sleep talk recorder app. It’s an application that records all that you say in your dreams or those of your partner as they sleep. The sleep talk recorder app always listens for the noises made by people as they sleep and then records all the noise made by the person during the night. It’s an app developed in Sweden and one that one can install in their smartphones and iPhone from the App Store.

The sleep talk recorder only monitors your sleep and is not an ongoing recording for a whole night. It comes with an advanced filtering function that qualifies sounds and in a millisecond, it will trigger off the sleep talk recorder technology.

The sleep talk recorder app is compatible with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and requires iOS 7.0 or later and is an app that is useful and very entertaining as you listen to what you say while you slumber throughout the night. You can use this app to learn about your sleeping pattern as well apart from learning about some of your secrets that you never knew.

The app also keeps a record of all your sleep talking that it records and saves them on a timeline. The history of your sleep talk gets kept night by night such that you can easily navigate and listen to a particular night’s recording.

The sleep talk recorder app also works well with any Android enabled device and smartphones. You can easily download it and install it in your smartphone that has an Android OS. It’s a cheap app that will bring you some fun as you listen to some of your talks when recorded as you slept.

Once you have recorded what you said while you slept or dreamt, you can choose to share the funniest and craziest clips with your friends online. If your partner dreams or talks about their ex in their dreams, you will know it, and you should get prepared if it works against you.

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36 Responses

  1. Elfprincess says:

    I think that it’s a brilliant idea! My best friend constantly snores and sleeptalks. Every time I would stay at a sleepover, I heard her say the weirdest stuff. Obviously, when I tried to tell her about it the next morning, she wouldn’t believe me! I’m gonna send the app to her boyfriend, I bet he’s gonna appreciate it!
    The ex part sounds horrifying though, lol! I could see major fights happening because of it.

    • Loopulk says:

      It sounds like you’re not a fan of your best fried and her boyfriend being together? I mean, you admit that it could cause “major fights” and you’re giving it to him anyway. 😉

      Anyway, I think that this app could be very useful and interesting. I don’t think I sleep talk, but it would be cool to see if I do, and what I would say. I’d also like to see if I can learn about my sleeping patterns through this. Perhaps it could help me get better sleep! We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

  2. miguel_francis says:

    This looks interesting. My partner often talks in her sleep and she usually says something funny. She even curse sometimes! I always tell myself that I will tell her about it in the morning so we can laugh about it but I always forget what exact words she uses while asleep. I’ll try this app tonight. Thanks!

  3. Alex says:

    Very nice! I heard that I talk in my sleep sometimes, so i might just have to try this out sometime to really know what I say when I am sleeping. I really can’t wait to try this out!

  4. zaman says:

    well said.

  5. Souhaila says:

    That’s sounds like a funny app !

  6. Jasmine2015 says:

    I like this idea alot. I would love to know what my sleep patterns are. Whenever my siblings sleep, sometimes I can see them laughing in their sleep. My oldest sibling has more than once pass gas in his sleep and when I tell him this he laughs it off. I would definitely like to know if I tend to talk in my sleep as well.

  7. john says:

    Its nice ,at last I can hear all my confessions when I’m sleeping

  8. fuzyon says:

    I’m actually really curious about what I talk about in my sleep. I’m known to do weird things when I sleep, so a sleep recorder app would be pretty fun to use.
    I sleep-walked once and my girlfriend recorded me. It was funny to watch myself doing random things, laughing and stumbling all over the floor. I read this app recorded some weird stuff, and people were afraid they were being haunted. It wasn’t the most pleasing experience for them.

  9. ikarosalpha says:

    ” you can choose to share the funniest and craziest clips with your friends online. ”
    That sounds very ambitious. :p
    It looks like a neat thing to try out, glad to hear that it’s also usable on Android, after having read nothing but iOS in the first few paragraphs. 🙂
    I wonder if it won’t consume too much energy overnight, though?

  10. Jonathan says:

    This may be good but think it could get better ………great idea but more testing…

  11. maddison says:

    This is so cool! I don’t think I talk in my sleep though I guess I could give it a try and find out!

  12. PhoneHome says:

    I can actually see this having a serious application. My partner snores and frequently then goes for a significant number of seconds before taking the next breath. Sleep apnea I think it’s called. I sleep only lightly and am awake enough to wake him and alert him to the fact, but for someone living alone this could be a useful way to check if you have this condition – would you know if you were stopping breathing for significant lengths of time as you sleep?

  13. Gigglingbuns says:

    That is an amazing concept, my room mate says I always mentions that I say freaky stuff in my sleep, although he never really tell me what I say, all the more reason to get this app. Maybe I am speaking of the solution to world problems, or saying freaky stuff. Anyways I would be in awe if they made one that tracks your dreams, is that even possible? The world may never know.

  14. Grouchy says:

    I actually have one of those sleep recording apps on iphone to record how well I sleep. So this is one step more with recording! For health’s sake, it would be good to record sounds to confirm the stats on the app. My graph chart implies I don’t sleep very well. Still, it does seem a little creepy cool to use this. Sort of like that movie, “Youth without Youth”.

  15. yeppeo says:

    What a wonderful idea! My brother usually slee-talks all the time but he doesn’t believe when I say so, so I need to try this app to finally show him that I’m telling the truth.

  16. seabasscampos says:

    This is a pretty cool idea. Kudos to the developers… My only concern would be the fact that it only records at the right times, I’m just a little skeptical about it always working, I’m not sure if an indie app like this would be able to hold that high standard. If it works, though, it would be pretty crazy, in a good way. My brother is always talking in his sleep, and he never believes that he is, it would be amusing to see the look on his face, once he realizes that he does, indeed, mumble in his sleep.

  17. lgmini93 says:

    It sounds quite creepy – or just for me? – I mean listening back the stuff it recorded overnight can be weird. But on the other hand it is quite useful.
    I would be curious about how sensitive the recording device is -is floor creaking is recorded or just out-loud talking voice?

  18. Kimberly says:

    I am known to talk in my sleep. My boyfriend will sometimes try to catch what I’m saying. He gets a kick out of it when he talks to me while I’m sleeping since I’ll often reply to him. I don’t mind it since I get to hear what my messed up brain does while I’m out at night.

  19. Snarya says:

    I’m always amazed at how technology keeps growing at such fast pace. Nowadays there’s an app for almost everything and for everyobody’s tastes. This sound really like a nice app, my husband talks in his sleep and every time I catch him doing that, I make sure to tell him all about it in the morning and we have some fun laughing at the hilarious things he says. But usually when he’s sleeping, I’m sleeping too so it’s a rare occasion. I will definitely try it out this app, it sounds like we are going to have some fun from now on. And who knows, maybe I could be the one who sleeptalks too. Like someone else said, I’m also curious about how sensitive the recording device is, I have two dogs and sometimes they make tiny little sounds in their sleep. I suppose I’ll find out after installing the app though. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  20. wameyo says:

    “How dare you talk of your ex in your sleep? Do you still have feelings for her? Do you…?”

    I can imagine such a scenario playing on someone with this app. But still it sounds like an interesting app to try out. Maybe guys should keep their “sleep-talking recordings” to themselves first before sharing the new-found knowledge with their spouses.

  21. anorexorcist says:

    Oh, I have heard (a long time ago) about an app that registered your sleeping cycle and you could see how much you’ve rested but I have never even thought about this idea, and I think that this is amazing and really interesting for a lot of people (specially sleepwalkers, lol). I will actually give it a try tonight, so let’s see how it works!
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  22. dame6089 says:

    As someone with a serious sleep walking/talking problem, this is an intriguing and somewhat scary app. My girlfriend has told me some of the crazy things I say in my sleep and they are sometimes unbelievable. I’m not honestly sure that I would want to hear them for myself.

    But this does present an interesting look into your subconscious. This is especially great for someone who sleeps in their own bed and wants to know if they sleep talk or not. Overall, it’s a welcome idea!

  23. NaviKing says:

    This almost makes me regret that neither my partner nor I talk in our sleep. I think maybe once or twice ever I’ve talked in my sleep. Usually, I’m a very sound sleeper.

    I could see this being a great conversation starter though… Or a relationship ender, depending on one’s subconscious thoughts. I suppose it’s best to use with discretion!

  24. arunava2016 says:

    This is really funny. My roommate in college hostel used to sleep talk and I recorded it with my Walkman as a proof whenever he refused to admit that he talked in his sleep. We did not have mobile phones back then and it would’ve been more fun had I had one. We need some apps like these to make our cell phone more humane and I am sure this is going to be hit among people of all ages.I will download it soon.

  25. DasBlues27 says:

    Didn’t know an app like this existed. Both my parents have told me about me talking gibberish in my sleep. Always been interested to know what I talk. Thank you. This should help LUL.

  26. SRJ7kamal says:

    “Sleep as android” is the best app for that!
    It has also other rich features!
    It has a trial version,for 15 days.Its paid version costs less than a dollar! But it is worth checking out!

  27. mechaman says:

    Haha, this is pretty funny! I never would have thought of an app for that. I’m not sure if I sleep talk much but this is a good way to find out. Who knows what I might record though…

  28. Spoons says:

    This is a cool idea. I’d love to switch this on at night to see if I snore, because that could be an indicator of a health problem. Also, for whatever reason, I always miss my alarms because they have been turned off somehow. I don’t know if the alarm wakes me up and I disable it without remembering, but it would be nice to record stuff to see. It could also tell me if my family has been snooping around in my room if they’re loud enough, haha.

  29. Hail412 says:

    This is a cool idea but how much would it hear? Would it be just fuzzy or legit up close talking and would it drain your battery?

  30. Eli22ilE says:

    This app sounds really cool and interesting. I sleep talk in my sleep all the time and it would be so cool to be able to hear myself. Other than my brother, nobody else in my family talks in their sleep. It would be pretty funny to hear my brother talk in his sleep. He used to walk into my parents room when we were younger and yell at them for something they did in a dream of his. At that moment, my parents didn’t realize the he was asleep until the looked closely int his face and saw his closed eyes. I think this app could give you something to look forward to in the mornings.

  31. Jan Muli says:

    I wish I knew about this earlier so I can figure out if I sleep talk or if I just snore at night. Interesting! Thank you for sharing!!

  32. Lamb0 says:

    Wow, never knew that there is such an app! This is fun. I want to try this app out, but is it not available for Windows devices? I’m just wondering. I do have an Android device, though. Thanks for sharing!

  33. 17emilyhalko says:

    I absolutely need this! I have others inform me that I not only talk in my sleep, but walk, sing, and scream in my sleep as well. Anybody who has nighttime disturbances or is a chronic sleepwalker or sleep-talker needs this in their life! I don’t know if sleepwalking or sleep-talking is a problem that people go to the doctor’s about, but if so, this would be a great way for doctors to track what is happening in your sleep! Great article.

  34. Honeycomb913 says:

    This seems like a fun little app I kind of been thinking about using. I didn’t want to have the voice recorder on all night and then get up in the A.M. with a full memory. My sister and I talk in our sleep sometimes and are always catching each other speak and I been wanting to know what I say during my slumber I always found it kind of interesting. Thanks for this, this actually might be sort of fun

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