The rumored force touch display on iphone 6S

The American technology company, Apple, known for manufacturing iPhone, iPad, Mac notebooks, desktop computers, and the new apple watch is now the developer of the force touch display feature. The feature is able to sense the amounted of force a user exerts on an object’s touch pad or its display surface. This is enhanced by inbuilt electrodes within the system. As a response, the force is able to tell the difference between a hard press and a tap on the object then enables specific control of the device, depending on the hard press or the tap.

If a video is being played, hard pressing on the screen increases the speed of playing the video because of force touch. On the apple watch, force touch triggers popping up of additional programs when the watch screen is hard pressed. The force touch is currently applicable on the Mac books, Mac book pro and the apple watch. The force touch feature is expected to be applicable to the Apple iPhone 6S and the apple iPhone 6S plus when officially released into the market.

Features of the force touch display:

Track pad

Force touch display will be a unique, stand out feature to the new brands of Apple’s iPhone. It is apple’s highly regarded sensing capability. Just like in the apple’s MacBook, the force touch enables, pinching, swiping and scrolling over the display screen. The sensitive electrodes are inbuilt within a track pad. Sensitivity of the screen can be adjusted to determine whether little or more force is required to exercise control.


The feature is sensitive even to the fingers. It can tell whether one is using the thumb or index finger, then use that to allocate the amount of sensitivity required for the force exerted.

Force sensors

The force touch track pad also has force sensors. The force sensors tend to move towards the user’s body to imitate any form of movement directed towards the iPhone. The sensors are designed to distinguish the pressure exerted and trigger different functions or applications, based on the force sensed.


Any hard press or a slight tap on the screen provides an equal haptic feedback to the user. The feedback is in form of vibrations that can be felt upon every click or tap. It is a way of interacting with the user’s commands.

The Taptic Engine

The taptic engine is attached on the back of the force touch’s track pad. The taptic engine imitates the pressurized motion on the track pad, thus making the track pad appear to be moving.

Some of the navigation methods on a force touch feature include a force click used to activate additional capabilities for instance searching for names and definitions, acceleration which involves slow addition of the rate at which a click is performed, to increase the speed of performance, and the pressure sensitivity feature.

It is also expected that the new apple iPhone 6S will have an upgraded phone camera, an improved internal memory with a higher storage capacity, and a different colour appearance. The iPhone 6S is not yet officially launched, although apple plans to release it to the consumers soon. The force touch feature on the iPhone is still speculative.


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