Top New features in Android M

At its eighth I/O annual developer’s conference held in San Francisco, Google unveiled the next version of Android Operating system named as Android M. Google has stressed the point that the company has focused on improving the core experience of Android for users and has brought in some fundamental changes apart from fixing several bugs. Also, the company announced that a clear timeline for Android M developer preview for feedback and testing to analyse the build.

Here are the best features introduced in Android M by Google.

1) Doze Mode: A Long Battery Life is one of the most sought out feature by the users and any improvement in this area is good. The latest update has been incorporated with a new feature called Doze which is expected to make the Android devices smart in managing power. Using motion tracker, the OS determines if the device has been left unattended for a while and will limit the background activity of an app to extend battery life.

2) Now on Tap: Google Now has been a great feature on Android and it just got better with this update. By long pressing the home button, Google now pops up and it already has a good idea of the type of help needed based on your recent activity. e.g. Directions to a restaurant after chatting with a friend about hooking up.

3) Android Play: Similar to Apple and Samsung, Google has joined the league and announced its contactless system for payments. Android Play has been included in Android M and you can now make purchases with a simple tap that says “Buy with Android Pay”

4) Support for Fingerprint Scanner: Numerous devices have been supporting fingerprint scanners and this might not seem a new feature but Android M supports them natively. This means you will be able to authorise payments via Android Pay and Play Store purchases. This functionality can also be used within the apps.

5) App Permissions: One irritating thing about Android is that downloading an app requires agreeing to all the permissions requested. There has been no way to reject a few of those which you don’t accept with. All this has been put at bay with the new Android M update where you have the ability to choose the permissions you are fine with. Also, you will be able to deny a specific permission when an app requests it.

6) Enhanced Volume Control: Do Not Disturb (DND) has been included as a part of Quick settings in Android M and the volume control has also been tweaked for the best. You can now control the volume of calls, notifications and alarms with simple but effective 3 separate sliders.

7) Type C USB: This is the only hardware feature in Android M and this will support Type C USB ports. Also, you can plug it either way and it will charge your mobile 3 to 5 times faster and can even be used to charge other device.

Similar to the Android L, the new update includes an updated SDK and is expected to be available for testing on Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player Devices.

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3 Responses

  1. Jasmine2015 says:

    Android M sounds promising. Sure, you want to make sure that you work out all the bugs in your devices. Though if you want to compete with others you’ll have to do better. I am all for the doze feature. I dont like having to charge my phone so many times in a day because of the apps im using. I do use the power saving mode.

    • Daylighter says:

      I’m currently running a XiaoMi Mi 4i which is currently still stuck on 5.1.1 (Lollipop). While I’m satisfied with the current OS as it is, some features seem a bit lacking.

      While the Power Saving Controls on MiUI is top of the line, they still offer scheduled profile switching. This is pretty neat. But what if that profile switching could be rigged to trigger with Doze Mode? Man that would be pretty darn amazing. We might even see power savings well past what Apple gets on its iPhones.

      The new Native Hardware Support for fingerprint scanners and USB Type-C is pretty cool. I mean, Type-C is the future of Universal Connections. It is rumored that even apple, who designed their own similar reversible connections, are dropping their lightning connector for it. Fingerprint Scanners are a bit young into the market and native support and an API will surely go a long way in promoting its use across multiple applications.

      The other new features aren’t as good as expected since some custom mods already allow for it. And I think you made a typo there on “Android Play” which should be “Android Pay”.

      Anyways pretty nice article, short and straight to the point. Would be nice If you include some more photos.

  2. lisasian86 says:

    I like the sound of the Doze feature, the battery life on my phone is atrocious but to be honest I’m useless at optimizing my settings to prevent that so if Android could include a feature that would do it for me it would be perfect. I’m looking forward to using Android Pay aswell, I’ve heard so much about Apple Pay but as I don’t like or use the Apple brand it will be great to access to Android’s version.

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