What Is a Jailbreak? Do I Need It?

The possibility of jailbreaking any latest version of an iPhone of course gets its users very interested. Any jailbreak announcement is usually followed by a lot of excitement from iPhone users who can’t wait to get their hands dirty. However, it is not surprising to learn that there are many ignorant iPhone and non-iPhone users who really have no clue what a jailbreak means. So what is it really?

What Is Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking simply means the process of freeing your iPhone from the limitations put in place by your carrier who could be Apple, Verizon or AT&T.

How It Is Done

A software is used in the jailbreaking process and all you have to do is install it in your computer, then simply transfer it to your iPhone where it will “break open” the file system on the iPhone and enable you to carry out any modifications that you deem appropriate. .

The jailbreaking process usually changes a little with every iOS upgrade, but the procedure is usually very similar. Jailbreaking is definitely not for everyone because some people have little use for the freedoms that come with breaking open their iPhone. To find out whether you should or shouldn’t jailbreak your iPhone keep reading to understand both sides of the situation.

Reasons Why You Should Jailbreak

Some of the benefits that come with jailbreaking are as follows:-

Access to Cool iPhone Apps

With a jailbroken iPhone, you will be in a position to install some cool jailbroken iPhone Apps that will improve your experience tremendously. The list of cool jailbreak apps is endless allowing you to have endless fun with their creative and quirky aspect.

 A Fast & Easy Process

The process has gotten simpler with every upgrade which makes it very quick and easy to open up the iPhone and experience the perks. Often times you don’t need to download the software on the desktop or look for the relevant updates. Simply use a web browser and the process will only consume a few minutes via a Wi-Fi connection.

Fully Reversible Process

You don’t have to be afraid of the effects of a jailbreak on your iPhone, in the event that you don’t like the new experience, you can always remove the jailbreak and reverse the process. However some unknown outcomes might still occur especially if your upgrade is past the iOS version 4.0.1.

Video Chat over a 3G Connection

You are able to experience the FaceTime video chat which works with a Wi-Fi network. As long as you have a good signal you will still get the service without interruption even after walking out of the Wi-Fi range.

Reasons Why You Might Hesitate

While jailbreaking might offer some benefits, there are still a few reasons why you should hesitate a little.

Risk of Bricking

The risk of experiencing bricking is there when you perform a jailbreak. Your phone might be rendered unusable and might require a complete wipe and restore for it to resume functionality. It might not be a big deal but it is reason enough to hesitate.

Voiding Warranty

As much it is now legal to jailbreak an iPhone, it still does not prevent you from voiding your warranty. The lack of a valid warranty will make your carrier not liable for any damages or malfunctions that might happen to your iPhone even within the warranty period. This is another reason to reconsider.

Data Suck

Unless you have an unlimited data plan, you are highly likely to experience a data cap which might cost you a lot. Your data fees might double unless you subscribe to the unlimited data option.

Security Concerns

Jailbreaking will not only open your iPhone to new experiences but it will also make it a hotbed for malicious infiltrations which have many negative results. Hackers have been known to remotely channel malware into a device. Although Apple has done security updates to fix such issues, they are still a concern as hackers look for new ways of planting malware.

Do You Need It?

After looking at the positives and negatives would you still love to take advantage of the jailbreakme to experience more out of your iPhone? If you are adventurous then go ahead but if you are just fine with the features that come with your iPhone the jailbreaking might simply not be for you.


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6 Responses

  1. urgableh says:

    This is a very good summary of a lot of terms I need to familiarise myself with. I hear a lot of talk about jail breaking but never really understood what it meant. My friends have jail broken before without any issues, and I have rarely heard any problems with jail breaking. Clearly the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. No need to exaggerate the cons 😛

  2. Theonewhoknocks says:

    Jailbreaking for me was a means to give my iPhone a unique look. I used to love jailbreaking my iPhone whenever I had the chance. The fact that I can customise my iPhone’s appearance as if it were an Android phone always appealed to me, and I never regretted doing it to my phone. It just amazes me how much potential my iPhone could have, if only it had the same customizable features that Androids have built in into their OS.

  3. Vari says:

    Jailbreaking my iPhone was a great decision. It allowed me to fully customize my phone with the apps and interface tweaks that I wanted, without any restrictions. I also didn’t see any difference in my data/battery life while my iPhone was jailbroken. The only issue that I experienced was that upgrading my OS was a bigger hassle. Aside from that, it really was a no-brainer.

  4. Drecraw says:

    I personally would never jailbreak my phone because it’s way too much of a risk. My boyfriend once did a jailbreak on his phone and it never worked right after that. From then on any interest I had in jailbreaking my phone went out the window. It’s more important for me to have a functioning phone and accept the features already included within it, than to have a jailbroken phone and not be able to do anything with it.

  5. aquaticneko says:

    I have two phone’s currently, one is jailbroken the other isn’t. With my jailbroken device, I can completely change and customize my phone, I was able to change what default apps came installed on the IOS meaning I can directly affect my battery life! I still think it’s worth the risk especially since in most cases it is completely reversible. The jailbroken device right now has so much more battery life than the other one due to this setup. I do get my choice of cool apps as well. So i’m a pro for this!

  6. I honestly don’t find it necessary to jailbreak my phone. I love it just the way it is. It can do a lot of things and I could not ask for more. Besides, I think that the risks are too high with very little rewards if you’re gonna jailbreak your phone. If you want Android level customisability, just purchase an android phone.

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