What you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Set for release on August 21, the Samsung galaxy note 5 will notably be one of the most remarkable Smartphone in the current market. The Galaxy Note 5 phone will be available in silver, gold, black and white with black and white being the predominant color for most of the retailer outlets in the US. The Samsung note 5 boasts of 5.7 inch screen, a 16 MP camera and an aluminum frame with a non-removable back glass cover. The following is an overview of some of the features you should expect from this remarkable phone


Compared to its relatively bulky predecessor the galaxy note 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 weighs in at 171 grams and is significantly slimmer at a thickness of 0.3 inches. The phone has a metal and glass body structure with a 5.7 inch AMOLED display with 518 pixels per inch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is slightly similar in design to the Galaxy S6 with a flat face, straight sides and a slight curve on the back cover. However, it does not have the dramatic screen curvature specific to the S6 or S6 plus

The SIM card tray is located at the top of the phone with the volume up and down buttons located on the left side and the power button on the right. The micro-USB charger, S-pen holster and headset jacks are located at the bottom of the Note 5


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 boasts of a 16 MP: same as that of the Note 4. However, the Samsung Note 5 has one major improvement, it has adopted a f1.9 sensor which is much better than the f1:26 sensor used in the Note 4. As such, the image quality is bound to be much better since a bigger sensor translates to more light and more light means better photos

The Samsung Note 5 also has a 5 MP front facing camera and also incorporates a live YouTube broadcast whereby there is a 30 second delay between the time an individual starts recording and the time the video hits YouTube

Hardware specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features an Exynos 7 octa-core processor and 4GB of RAM: an improvement on the Note 4’s 3GB RAM. However, the Galaxy Note 5 will feature a fixed battery with a slightly lower capacity of 3000mAh as compared to Note 4’s 3200mAh removable battery. The Note 5 also has no expandable microSD expansion slot and enthusiasts will have a choice of either purchasing a fixed 32GB or 64GB internal memory phone

New features


Though not a new feature, the S-pen has undergone some major improvements. The pen has flat panes to keep it rolling on a flat surface and also audibly clicks in place when put in its holster.

Screen memo

This feature allows user to write memos on the screen even when the screen is off

PDF editing

This new feature allows users to annotate PDF files by simply writing on them

Scroll capture

Users have the option of capturing a long piece of text file as a single screenshot as opposed to taking several screenshots

TouchWiz layer

This features allows the phone to tie into Google’s wide range of services while at the same time using Samsung services

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13 Responses

  1. Vari says:

    Wow, I really hate that color. It looks like a white phone that’s started to yellow over time. Other than that, I’m excited about this release.

    • michaelrydell says:

      Same here, not a fan of the “gold”, off-white color. Doesn’t really even look gold in color to me. I would go with the black.

      • Tipes says:

        Yep, as much as I love gold necklaces, rings, and earrings I don’t like it on my phone. I’m more of a silver person. I may be a little bias on this because I have always love samsung so -yes- I’m definitely looking forward to getting one of these. Also, I think its just the lighting that’s making the phone looks a little yellow. (Hopefully) 🙂

  2. Jasmine2015 says:

    Is that supposed to be off white or beige? I just hope that people have a big enough pocket for a 5 inch phone. If that was my phone, I was definitely make sure to add a phone case. Though it is also cool that the SD card is located else where. I hate having to take the back of my phone off just to put in my SD card.

    • Martin says:

      Can you explain why you would add a case, just because it is a bigger phone? I own a Sony Xperia Z1 and I just recently bought a case for it and I should have done that before! But I don’t see why this wouldn’t apply to smaller phones.

  3. troutman says:

    Without a doubt, the Galaxy Note 5 is a great phone, but it took away everything that hardcore users of the Note phablets actually wanted. Samsung, in an effort to boost sales, is alienating its customer base on its smartphones, and that’s a big problem. The strategy of no expandable storage or removable batteries works well for Apple, but it has done nothing to boost Samsung’s sagging sales. Samsung still creates great devices, but that alone isn’t fixing the company’s lack of profits.

  4. derskull says:

    The Note 5 looks like a somewhat decent phone, although there are some shortcomings. I like that the camera was improved without adding any extra pixels, however it seems that it will only add marginal improvement. It also worries me that the Note 5 is part of the current trend of cell phones becoming thinner at the expense of battery. Personally, I would rather have a larger battery than a thinner phone. The lack of a replaceable sim card is also troubling, that being such a useful feature. The size of the phone also seems excessive, especially for cellular use. All that being said, I’m sure the phone handles great, and personally, I think that beige/gold color looks nice.

  5. michaelrydell says:

    Would have liked an expandable micro SD slot, but I guess that kind of future proofs the phone too much. A year or two into it, you run out of storage and upgrade.

    The screen memo feature sounds interesting. Would like to try that out, especially when the screen is off. 4gb of RAM will be good, should be swift like expected, glad they are not cutting corners on that.

  6. GingerLee says:

    The screen memo feature sounds pretty cool. I always have problems attempting to type on those tiny smartphone keyboards, so that would definitely be very useful for me. The new YouTube live camera feature sounds good as well.

  7. lachris15 says:

    I am thinking about a new phone and other than an IPhone this was my other choice. I saw a video on YouTube describing it and I really liked it. My favorite features are the screen size and the camera. From the video it seemed like it took pretty good camera and I want a bigger screen. 4gb of ram is not bad either. I think it will stand up well against heavy usage. Which is what I need it to do. I keep going back to Iphone because of android’s glitches but I like android phones. I think I might give this phone a chance after I do some more research.

  8. martindrox says:

    Can anyone tell me where’s the major difference between this and note 4? Samsung really need to make a major difference so people would buy their new devices. I know they mentioned that the camera sensor is a major improvement but all what I can think of is that phone companies ran out of ideas, I don’t think they know what to do with their next device that’s why they’re making slight improvements.

  9. madbunnyXD says:

    It looks like a very high-end phone. While I do like Samsung and have several Galaxy phones through the years, I’m not so keen on having one with non-removable battery and no expandable micro sd slot. I love tinkering with my phone that those features are making me think of possibly looking at other Android offerings.

  10. Diane Lane says:

    I really like the camera improvement, and the size sounds perfect for my hand. Having the ability to use a stylus is a plus in my opinion, and I miss having one on my current device. Not being able to remove the back and replace the battery is a major disappointment, however, because I tend to hold onto my devices for years, and have had to replace the battery in a few of them. Another downside is the inability to use external storage, and in my opinion, this is a backwards move that will not be well received by many shoppers. A better processor and increased RAM are two major pluses, and it will be interesting to see how this is received by the public.

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