Why Continuum will be Windows 10 Mobile’s Killer Feature?

Many people could be wondering what is Continuum, and what’s the thrill and hype behind this Microsoft’s resilient new feature? Actually, Continuum is a handy, exciting new Windows 10 feature which allows you to turn your phone into a desktop PC. Microsoft Company talked about this new feature during its Build developer conference where in a demo, Microsoft had PowerPoint launched on the phone, and when it was connected to a monitor, the monitor seamlessly displayed a larger tablet version of PowerPoint.

In other words, when launching the Outlook app, the full version of the PC opens up instead. Even more so, you’re able to use the phone display at the same time, which lets you easily multitask such as chat, organize and schedule tasks, play music and videos, and much more.

As such, all Windows phones will be able to play seamlessly with HDMI monitors, as well as mice and Bluetooth keyboards. Though it’s deemed the feature will only be supported on newer hardware. People with other older versions of Windows phone, will nevertheless miss the privilege and won’t be able to take full advantage of Continuum. While discussing about the new feature, Microsoft stressed that a lot of people nowadays use their phones as their everyday computing interface and, thus, everybody should take full advantage of Continuum great potential earliest possible. Microsoft also affirmed Windows 10 phone users will find the feature quite worth it– big time!

And because of this astonishing leap of faith, Microsoft said “any screen can be turned and become your PC,” which is doubly true. This could also wind up being Microsoft’s next flagship top-tier Lumia phone and the first of its kind that will likely take all desktop, phone, and tablet mainstream to the next level.

Because Nokia’s mobile flagships is now a subsidiary of Microsoft dealership, its former designation as a Nokia device is likely to diminish to oblivion. What’s important, though, are the exciting specifications listed on Continuum’s benchmark entry and what they really mean for Windows Phone users waiting for Microsoft to swap the switch on for Windows 10 — the very first and truly unified desktop/phone/ tablet operating system – all experience.

As such, Continuum’s big launch seem to reveal some high-end and very interesting specs that shows great potential for users who are ready to take advantage of its irresistible charm – it supports a 32 GB of onboard storage, 3 GB RAM, a six-core CPU, a 5.2-inch HD display and a 20 – megapixel rear camera.

If you wish to enhance the resiliency of your Windows 10 phone and change it into a “Windows 10 superphone,” make sure you don’t stop at nothing by integrating it with this huge, handy new feature Continuum. It will definitely improve all of your mobile experience, allowing you to do a variety of tasks quite easy and seamlessly, where you thought it was impossible to accomplish before.

On the other hand, in order to acquire all these exciting mobile experience straight from your Windows 10 phone, make sure you get or have the newer hardware for you to enjoy and get the most of this handy feature. There’s nothing more exciting than being able to turn your phone into a desktop PC – you will love it!

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11 Responses

  1. Khatib22 says:

    I see this as becoming really handy and the way that technology is moving forward. With a high internet speed, there’s no reason to do the “heavy-lifting” of processing power on the device itself. Rather, you can use the mobile device as a sort of remote for the desktop. This is already shown in programs such as LogMeIn and Teamviewer which allow people to remotely access their desktop on their phone. I’m just glad that Microsoft is bringing it’s own spin on it into the market. More options for the consumer is always a good thing.

    • Tipes says:

      I think this is a fabulous idea but like Serdar has mention in the article it will only work with the newer technology. Which means phone upgrade again. I’m not one of those people that has hundred or dollar to spare and upgrade my phone whenever a new one come out. Which mean window’s next project should be to make sure that older phone version can also get access to this new amazing feature. They will make a lot more money that way. (Your welcome Window!)

      • Wheezybz says:

        I’m afraid that’s not how it works. There’s the issue of processing power, and the necessary hardware for it that doen’t exist on older phones. Continuum isn’t something that is necessary for a person so one can live without Microsoft’s newest feature.

  2. Arif says:

    This is very cool and handy for Windows users that want to be able to do business and work while not at home. I think Microsoft is having a very good time this year with all they’re bringing with Windows 10 and everything they are bringing with the Xbox one. Microsoft has been killer in their own regards with all they’ve recently done.

  3. Jasmine2015 says:

    Continuum sounds so promising. I have always wanted to use my smartphone as a desktop computer. It would be convenient considering the fact that I carry my phone with me every where I go. I was recently looking in Google Play for apps that had some type of Microsoft Word or something similar to it. I can imagine Continuum will be a huge success for Microsoft.

  4. Vari says:

    I have yet to use Continuum. Thus far, my favorite Windows 10 feature would have to be the ability to record your desktop natively from within the OS. It’s very convenient, and pretty much eliminates the need for third-party desktop recording software, unless you’re intending to record something that is over an hour long. I have to say, Microsoft kind of hit it out of the park with Windows 10.

  5. michaelrydell says:

    This is interesting. A phone that has HDMI, Bluetooth, mouse/keyboard support is really a neat idea. This is a similar concept to Android PCs, except the Android ones have no screen of their own, and can only be used as an HDMI connected device (with wireless mouse and keyboard).

    I really like this multi function in a phone. Seems like a smart move. Still a little hesitant to buy a high end Windows phone though…

  6. troutman says:

    Continuum is one of many incredible features that Microsoft is baking into Windows 10, and it helps achieve the company’s goal of a seamless experience between smartphone, tablet, and PC. It makes sense that Windows 10 would bring a feature like this into the mix, and Microsoft will continue to benefit with higher sales and higher adoption rates if it can combine phones, tablets, and PCs into one big ecosystem!

  7. Jose Moreno says:

    As many of you agree, Continuum sounds really promising. But let’s not forget: the phone is still using a mobile version of W10. So don’t expect to use the full desktop version of Adobe Photoshop. Still, there’s a niche that will enjoy this because it will satisy their needs.

    Personally, I’m waiting the day when Microsoft announces a smartphone will full-desktop Windows 10 and Continuum. There are mobile processors that already support desktop Windows 10, but no phone (Google “Intel Atom Z3580” and check some videos).

  8. PhoneHome says:

    This certainly sounds like a real effort on Microsoft’s part to engage with the modern business user. We work in so many different ways and so many different environments these days that a new approach is really needed. So many people no longer have a set office, but work in coffee shops, libraries or just plain 0n-the-go that the option to create a desk-like environment based around one’s phone has to be a plus point. I’ll be interested to see how this new initiative progresses.

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