Wireless Charging: Now and Future

With the current technology, devices are being developed with wireless charging abilities. You might have seen a device that can charge wirelessly or even heard of wireless charging. So what exactly does it mean?

As the phrase suggests “wireless charging”, it is a way of charging your device without using a wired charger. Therefore, you will not have to carry cables and connector around. By this simple charging system, you only place your device (like a Smartphone) on the charging gadget and it is charged.

It may sound like a miracle! But it does work.

What mechanism is applied in wireless charging and how does it work?

There are many technical details behind wireless chargers. The magic perfectly works by use of copper coils. There are two coils of wire, one in the device (tablet or Smartphone) and the other in the gadget. When switched on, an alternating electric current passes via the coil in the gadget (charger), and it creates varying electromagnetic field.

When you place your device inside the charge, the electromagnetic field induces a current in the coil contained in your device. The coil then charges your device’s battery.

The mechanism is current induction.

We may be headed for a brighter future with wireless chargers! But there are always advantages and disadvantages of every new technology.


  • It is a very convenient way of charging your device. You will not have to carry cables and connectors as you travel. All what you need is to place your device on the charger and it will be topped-up.
  • The coils contained in the system are completely sealed. Therefore, you will not experience any electric current outflows that may cause accidents.
  • Wireless charges are perfect for most devices like laptops, tablets, Smartphone’s and even huge machines like electric cars.


  • This charging method is not energy efficient. A lot of heat is produced during the charging process, and this energy goes to waste.
  • It takes a longer time to charge fully a device as compared to wired charging.
  • If many devices are charged, a lot of heat discharged may pose problems to the environment.

Future of wireless charging

Is there any hope for the future? You may probably have such a question.

The future of this new technology is very promising. As this method of charging devices becomes popular, we may eventually discard the old ways of charging.

Though wireless charger technology is still in its infancy, some coffee chains in like Starbucks are utilizing it in some of their shops. IKEA a furniture design company has a wide range of furniture with wireless built in systems.

In the near future, there could be wireless chargers fitted into car parks to charge electric cars! This could be a dream, but with the fast changing technology, it is not impossible. Example, BMW announced that it was developing a wireless charging mechanism for its fancy i8 electric car. The system can fully charge the battery in just two hours!

We all know new technologies need proper testing and refining. Thus, you may not see any significant progress in wireless charging; however we shall eventually adopt this new technology.

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20 Responses

  1. Jasmine2015 says:

    I have heard of wireless charging for smaller devices like phones. Having a wireless charger for an electric car is amazing. I think wireless charging would be very convenient considering the fact that there are many places that don’t allow you to charge your phone there. No more cords getting in the way, finally.

  2. Kuraya says:

    Personally, even if I had the choice, I would not use wireless chargers. I have lots of separate electronics and I use their charging cables to arrange all of them in a manner that is very convenient for me.

  3. juliannasilver says:

    wireless chargers are amazing. I hope this kind of technology will be developed more and be used widely. I believe that someday this could replace the wired chargers. It would be cool to travel and just smack your device on top while having a cup of tea.

  4. Fruitbun says:

    I think wireless charging has been one of the best inventions regarding todays technology. The batterys in most electric devices, such as the iPhone , is quite poor.It is such a good idea to be anywhere and charge your device at anytime. I know I’d be lost without my wireless charger !

  5. urgableh says:

    People these days expect so much from technology, and they get lazier and lazier. Having wireless chargers just mean that the little effort needed to plug in a wire is redundant.
    Before reading the article, I immediately thought of the cons. I knew that it would be extremely inefficient and could heavily impact the environment. There must be other habits that people need to be more convenient…

  6. appdata says:

    The main problem that I see with wireless chargers is that there is still a cord connected to the back of the wireless charger, which will need to be plugged into the mains. This does not in fact reduce the number of cords you need in your house. Admittedly, with newer furniture with built in chargers or built in chargers in your house/workplace, it could reduce the number of cords, but for most of us who live in older homes, wireless charging is no more convenient than current methods. My mum’s phone has the capability for wireless charging, but wireless chargers are too expensive. I advised her to wait a few years until the technology becomes cheaper, and many issues associated with it have been fixed.

  7. Alex says:

    I can see wireless charging being a neat convenience in the future without the hassle of carrying multiple cables and the cables getting tangled in storage. However wireless charging as it stands now needs to fix the wasted energy to charge devices along with reducing the charging periods as well.

  8. Marlene says:

    Wireless charging is convenient, however, my concern is the amount of heat being discharged and the fact that it poses problems to the environment.

  9. Angel JMore says:

    I’m always wary of where these wireless chargers and related items are manufactured. Ensuring compatibility with the device is a must. By all means look at the reviews on line. Worst case scenario is that the charger will damage the device. In the meantime, I would rather keep an extra battery for my phone handy.

  10. dakota hopson says:

    i agree that i would be better for the future of mankind but what happens when every body adapts to it and just gets used to the technology today but what happens when we need old stuff? Example: Lets say we go to war with Russia what would we do if they EMP all of our tech? We would be left useless and imagine we have no defenses and they start nuclear war with us what happens then? because see if we had every thing wireless what happens when the receiver goes out? we would all die! but also you have to think about the enviroment when you use wireless chargers what could the harm be? Because all the companies will all say its safe but is it really? what would you do if you were nature and someone invaded your home and started destroying it think about it like that.

  11. Kaitlin says:

    I like wireless charging personally for those long days at school, a long day a Disney for waiting in lines, or at work being on the phone 24/7. But maybe we could fix the wasted energy to charge devices along with reducing the charging periods as well. Or see any easier way to make it more efficient for the environment.

  12. jentyree says:

    Great article. I’ve seen the charger on the Samsung commercial, and I got a little jealous seeing that. Yet, with this article, it seems as if it isn’t as efficient as carrying your cable with you when you travel. I mean, you’d have to carry this wireless charger thing with you when you travel anyways – so what’s the damage? Doesn’t it have to plug in as well? I’ll stick to my iPhone 6. It’s never that hard to find a place to charge.

  13. Khatib22 says:

    In the current state of wireless charging, I feel that it’s much more efficient to just use a normal wire to charge your phone. It doesn’t exactly have the “wow factor” or convinience that wireless charging provides, but it does charge quicker produces much less heat (I hate hot phones.) Wireless charging right now is in its infancy, once breakthroughs happen where they can charge as fast as a standard cable and heat on them is brought down (maybe a cooling system inside the charger) then I feel there would be no reason to not adopt wireless charging.

  14. Drecraw says:

    I think wireless charging is a nice new concept, but I don’t see what’s wrong with the current way of charging. There are more important things to worry about then whether or not you can charge your phone wireless. Money should be spent on other more important things in my opinion.

  15. martindrox says:

    I’m really a supporter for this new concept but I don’t see why they don’t just make better batteries and I’ve seen many articles how companies can make better batteries that can last longer and chargers that can charge your phone in under a minute. and a new con is there’s no more wires, you can charge every electric device in your home without the struggle of wires which is pretty good.

  16. greybird29 says:

    New technology never ceases to amaze me! For some folks this maybe a great advancement, it is not something that I really “need”. My phone is only a year old yet the amount of time it takes to charge it and time the charge last has diminished tremendously. I have several chargers one in my computer room, kitchen, bedroom, living room and in two vehicles. I do take many pictures which drains the battery in a hurry. My desire for wireless is outweighed with the thoughts they should put more effort into making a longer lasting battery that charges quickly and does not affect the environment as much as wireless charging.

  17. Martin says:

    This is pretty cool. But it is probably only just that. I don’t see wireless chargers being more useful than normal chargers, even far into the future. However, this idea of a universal charger would be amazingly useful, but that is a whole other discussion.

  18. Jinah says:

    Personally I love the idea of wireless charging. There’s nothing worse than waking up with your phone charger wrapped around your wrist because you fell asleep with it. I just worry about it affecting my bettery life in the long term.

  19. Austin says:

    that’s good i will like to make use of it

  20. ikarosalpha says:

    I think I don’t want to see the size of an current inducing car charger. :p
    I just hope that the future of wireless charging consists of equally thin phones which charge fast enough. This future will have to conquer with the upcoming ‘quick chargers’, though.

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